Boost the city center with a loyalty card

Galvanize local economy

How can city centers compete with malls and e-commerce? By adopting modern and easy to use tools in order to encourage local consumption and to learn more about the buying habits of their customers!

Through a visibility, interaction and coalition loyalty process of the local small businesses, you can:

  • Boost the town and more specifically the city center
  • Digitize the « trade union »
  • Unite the storekeepers and increase their sells
  • Encourage citizen to local consumption
Centre-ville dynamique grâce à une carte de fidélité multi-commerces
Commerçant proposant la carte de fidélité multi-commerces

Digitize the businesses participants for

  • An immediate visibility on Internet and Mobile to fulfill the consumers’ expectations
  • A simple and powerful tools to easlily and quickly communicate information ans promotion
  • A relevant customers file completed thanks to the program which elevates the business

Encourage the citizen to local consumption with a complete digital and dynamization strategy for the territory

Carte de fidélité papier ou dématérialisée

An attractive and modern coalition loyalty program

  • A loyalty program available in any affiliated storekeeper in order to  create and reward customer loyalty
  • A physical or electronic card adapted to your technical environment and to your customer habits
  • A connection to the city parking ticket machines to make the parking easier for loyalty card holder

Get your Web-to-Store landing page

  • A Store Locator to give the customer the possibility to identify straight away the location of surrounding stores
  • A one page website with brief description and consumer reviews for each store
  • Special deals to generate in-store traffic and turnover in store
  • A Click and Collect service to allow consumers to book a product online
Store locator et click and collect d'une union commerciale
Animations centre-ville

Tools to interact and communicate

  • From time to time or automated emailing and SMS campaign, to maintain a close personnalized relationship with consumers
  • Lotteries and challenges to a playful touch to your Customer Relations and amaze consumers
  • Happy hours to increase the in-store traffic during less busy hours
  • A gift card to give your community the opportunity to please and favor the local economic fabric

 Rallying retailers around a common loyalty card

A global solution, designed for each actor

ADELYA is way more than a basic loyalty program. It is an all-in-one tool that 
embeds all the features needed to recruit, retain and stimulate customers.

For the Merchants Union

Store locator

Mobile App

Global database

Multichannel communications

Gift card



For local businesses

Customer’s identification in store

Customer information file


Emailing, SMS

Happy hour and special deals

Customers reviews

The smartphone, a lasting link with consumers 

  • Quick and easy identification at the checkout via the mobile application: no more lost or forgotten loyalty cards!
  • Push notifications that arrive directly in the customer’s pocket
  • A dedicated loyalty account to track rewards and purchase history
  • Discounts and flash sales to boost point-of-sale traffic
Application mobile d'un programme de fidélité multi-commerce

Complete or intuitive loyalty solution? No need to choose, with Adelya you will have both

Take advantage of our expertise in customer loyalty

  • Help with negotiation with elected members and sales pitch with retailers
  • Support in the design of the collective loyalty program and personalized training
  • Provision of an experienced project manager and technical support
Commerçante qui prépare des promotions sur le logiciel de fidélité
Commerçant qui badge la carte de fidélité d'une cliente

Don’t worry about technical issues

  • An internet connection is sufficient to use the platform
  • The platform can be used on any screen (cash register PC, tablet, Famoco, etc.)
  • Catering, clothing, services… Our loyalty solution adapts to any type of business

Simplify your program management

  • Precise and rigorous management of the financial flows generated by the loyalty card for the Association and all traders
  • A savings (« pivot ») account, to centralize retailers’ cash flow and to guarantee an efficient distribution
  • SEPA direct debit mandate to automate cash-flow management
Commerçant qui prépare des animations pour augmenter le trafic en point de vente

You don’t want to run the program by yourself?
Our partner Proxity does it for you!


You want to set up a loyalty program in your city center and entrust its animation? Our partner Proxity, a subsidiary of the EDF group, ensures the set-up and animation of the collective program for you.

A  dedicated manager organizes operations throughout the year and helps seting up new services.

A very simple offer:

  • On their Proxity Pass, citizens collect money for each purchase made at local retailer. They take advantage of their their kitty with participating businesses or with practical / cultural services.
  • Thanks to the Pass, retailers benefit from increased visibility and loyalty.
  • As for the community, it benefits from personalized support.

Engage citizens and earn income quickly through an active and regular use